We know that successful organizations depend on information being disseminated consistently and effectively to a variety of people in a variety of locations. That's why our customized trainings communicate a consistent message while helping trainees retain key points - all while being accessible any time, anywhere. Comprehensive reporting tracks completion and understanding so you can ensure your message is received in the way you intended.

How we can help

Instructional Design

Each organization has a unique blend of learning needs and audiences. Fully customizable courses allow you to build consistent online training for people with varying levels of education and technical know-how that is accessible any time, anywhere and speaks directly to your training goals. We begin with the end in mind so that organizational mission and goals align with learning outcomes. Analytics, course completion tracking, and additional reporting offer the data you need to track training success.

Media Development

We create interactive experiences by incentivizing learners in a multimedia rich environment. Our programs incorporate gaming and animation with social media and best practices for online learning to engage, enhance, and reward your audience while assessing learning outcomes. Visual learning takes place within the context of your organizational culture. Best of all, multimedia components are accessible from all devices, from smartphones to tablets.

Content Development

We steer clear of traditional slides and assessment questions. Our instructional designers work with corporate trainers and other subject-matter experts to create online programs that are grounded in learning principles, in fields ranging from medicine to trucking to banking develop content. Courses are fully searchable and can be copied, changed and updated on the fly. We'll ensure your final content is just right with our copyediting services.

For companies developing content applicable to employees throughout the industry, we also have the capacity to build content to sell.

E-Learning Support

Our e-learning support encompasses course maintenance, hosting services, and quality control. Our custom platform development is accompanied by personalized customer service to support the online learning experience for both the trainer and the trainee.

Happy Clients

Through a partnership with a national trucker retention and rewards company, StayMetrics, we are providing widely-praised safety training to truckers nationally through our OnDemand eNugget® platform, where over half the users are accessing the training through their mobile phones.

Other industries we've worked with include banking, healthcare, payroll, human resources, and more.

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