When developing effective e-learning solutions, commitment to quality is essential. We have a reputation for providing excellent customer service over the entire course of a project because we value the partnerships that we establish with our clients. We have created and hosted statewide teacher trainings for thousands of concurrent users.

We understand the importance of providing effective training and educational programs, but also utilizing data to fully understand the impact of those programs. Our analytics offer the reports you need to ensure your resources are effectively utilized. Our complete services include intimate knowledge of instructional design and technology and quality content development, as well as developing and hosting customized learning management systems that meet the specific needs of your training.

How we can help

Instructional Design

We create and assess competency-based design program and tracking. Our instructional design services encompass training curriculum design, development and usability testing, and assessment. Backwards design methodology guides our curriculum development, aligning the curriculum with program goals and learning outcomes. Analytics, reporting, and tracking course completion ensure that courses are assessing what they intend to assess for accreditation compliance. We provide quality assurance by scoring courses against nationally recognized rubrics.

Media Development

We create interactive experiences by incentivizing learners in a multimedia rich environment grounded in learning research. Our programs incorporate gaming and animation with social media and best practices for online learning. Best of all, multimedia components are accessible from all devices, from smartphones to tablets.

Content Development

Fully customizable courses and learning management systems allow you to build online training that targets your exact learning outcomes. We engage subject-matter experts from a variety of fields, including the fields of education as applied to the education institution, to craft high quality content in a range of subjects. We'll ensure your final content is just right with our copyediting services. Our full-service solutions mean that you can communicate messages consistently and effectively to a variety of people in a variety of locations.

E-Learning Support

Our e-learning support encompasses course maintenance, hosting services, and quality control. Our custom platform development is accompanied by personalized customer service via email or telephone to support the online learning experience for both the trainer and the trainee. Our extensive experience with many different learning management systems enables us to develop and support courses in the university's learning management system or using one of our own customizable learning platforms.

Happy Clients

We have developed, and continue to host and support, teacher trainings for Ohio Department of Education's Ohio Resident Educator Program, training over 6,000 teachers to date. Trainings include the facilitator training for the Ohio Resident Educator Assessment preparation and a leadership course for Year 4 resident educators.

We have created an educator leadership training in a customized learning management system for the Montgomery County Education Service Center (MCESC). Users who complete the training have the option to receive graduate credit from the University of Dayton.

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