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Our comprehensive university programs use instructional design methodologies grounded in best practices of online, blended, and face-to-face learning. Mopi16 has vast experience with designing and redesigning courses for higher education in a variety of subject matters. Our complete online-instructional services include intimate knowledge of instructional design, instructional technology, instructor and student support, quality content development, online and face-to-face instruction, and program leadership. Best of all, we can develop entire academic programs in an online format within as little as 15 weeks.

Online learning isn't restricted to the academic realm. That's why we offer services that benefit other areas of campus, including creating university-wide online or blended training programs that accommodate employees with varying levels of education and technical know-how.

Our success is evidenced by national recognition, feedback from students and faculty, growing programs, and clients that return to Mopi16 to continue developing effective learning solutions.

Mopi16 is certified in Quality Matters.

How we can help

Instructional Design

We understand the changing needs of today's students and the competition universities face when attracting and retaining students. Current research informs our instructional design process so that we can develop the best possible learning experiences for our clients. Our instructional design services encompass curriculum design; development and usability testing; and evaluation and assessment. Backwards design methodology guides development, aligning the curriculum with program and university goals. Analytics, reporting, and tracking course completion ensure that courses are assessing what they intend to assess for accreditation compliance.

Media Development

Interactive multimedia contributes to student engagement and retention of key learnings. Our competency-based design programs include tools that engage and assessment that rewards users within a rich learning environment. Mopi16 incorporates social collaboration, animation, simulation, gaming and other forms of multimedia that enhance and extend course objectives while aligning with Quality Matters principles, rubrics and standards.

Content Development

Fully customizable courses allow you to build online classes that target your exact learning outcomes. We support content development in creating fully new or revised online programs, or blended courses that bring together the best of online learning experiences with face-to-face interaction. Subject-matter experts from many areas of higher education to craft high-quality academic content in a range of subjects, and we'll ensure your final content is just right with our copyediting services.

E-Learning Support

Customer service is our priority, and we strive to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. This is why we offer ongoing support for the online learning experience long after development and implementation. Our e-learning support encompasses instructional training and support, hosting services, program and course maintenance, and quality control. Our extensive experience with many different learning management systems enables us to develop and support courses in the university's learning management system or using one of our own customizable learning platforms.

Happy Clients

Within one year, we created two entire online academic programs (one with 19 courses, the other with 17) from beginning to end for a national public university that meets Quality Matters standards.

We established an administrative blended training program for all faculty of a national Catholic university using our own Mopi16 OnDemand eNugget® platform. The program, which involved educating faculty about compliance with government funding for research, relied heavily on participant engagement as they became, in the end, both the learner and the teacher for their peers.

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